Unfolding and Revealing: Be Fully YOU

You may have noticed that I am deeply influenced by my spirituality through the type of work I do, such as my book publications or certain public speaking topics. A lesson I have learned is ... when navigating our lives and adding value to our life's resume, it is important to acknowledge and value who we are and even who/what we aspire to be.

Be fully YOU!

Be fully YOU! You may be in a place of working to understand yourself further, to grasp your diverse identities. Navigating our own lives is a journey of self-discovery. A constant unfolding and revealing. Allow yourself to flow in the journey of learning more about you. Allow yourself to find ways to live and be who you are - fully.

This week, I felt encouraged to share a video message with those who are graduating. I spoke to those who are graduating with social work degrees, but the message is relevant to all those graduating - whatever degree, whatever level of education, whatever phase of life - I hope this message can also be motivating to you.

5 Tips

I shared 5 tips that helped me along my journey. The tips are simple, yet can make a tremendous difference as you enter into the next phase of "unfolding and revealing" in your life.

  1. Create a career vision

  2. Organize your budget

  3. Obtain mentorship

  4. Think outside the box

  5. Enjoy the flow!

Keep moving forward!