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What is Your Spark?

Dear Social Workers, what are your intentions as you enter the new year? The newest Vision. Intention. Strategy. Your Social Work Mentor article and video have been shared by The New Social Worker Magazine. The article is titled, 2022 Reset: Celebrating a New Year of Social Work. You can watch the video here and it includes a link to the article. Tips from the article and video to help you reset for 2022 include:

  1. Examine Your Narrative

  2. Break Free from Comfort Zones

  3. Create a Vision

What is your spark?

You might also consider answering the question, what is your spark? I recently came across a fun assessment to help us gain insight about our spark!!! In other words, what drives you in work or life overall? I took the assessment and, yes, my Sparketype was very consistent with “me.” My Sparketype is Advisor, my Shadow Sparketype is Maven, and my Anti Sparketype is Warrior. I enjoy being a mentor and going deep in studying information that will help me mentor others and write books and articles.

I remember the first time I professionally mentored someone was around 2003 when a person wanted to start a group counseling practice. I shared everything I could even down to promoting diversity and inclusion through the types of décors, magazines, and information shared in the waiting area! Overall, I thoroughly enjoy what I do as a mentor, and it would be fun to hear about your Sparketype!

Financial Wellness

Finally, I am aware many social work students (or any student) may experience financial challenges. I remember my own experiences with finances and decided to write a book as a type of financial mentorship. It is called, Let’s Talk About Finances: A Path to Financial Wellness for Social Work Students! It’s over 100 pages of information, prompts to explore your financial narrative, tasks, and planning ideas in laymen’s terms to help strengthen your financial wellness or the financial wellness of a student you know.

Let’s Talk About Finances is ready for pre-order of a signed copy along with a free gift. Do you know someone who could use a copy of Let’s Talk About Finances? If so, feel welcome to visit my website,, visit the Coming Soon page to learn more and submit your pre-order.

Looking forward to a new year of hope!

Happy New Year!


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