Be Intentional: Enter the Month of May with a Growth Mindset

“Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” - Nazanin Falakfarsa

A couple weeks ago, my wellness coach gave me a thought-provoking assignment– developing a wellness vision. There were prompts I followed that really made me think about my vision, resources, and supports. This helped me to better organize my thoughts and realize several of the tools that were already in place. This exercise helped me to look out over my life's landscape and explore the vision.

This is my wellness vision …

“When envisioning my most successful self, I envision myself as an independent contractor, providing consultation services that add value to the lives of others, public speaking on topics that contribute to society, and directing time and energy toward writing that speaks to the hearts of many. As my most successful self, I will feel empowered and accomplished once the vision is attained. I will feel accomplished stepping into a vision that has been waiting for me for many years. Stepping into the role I have always been inspired to reach and impassioned to become. Driven by my intentions with a growth mindset.

The strengths and skills that support my more successful self are my accountability partner to help me see the vastness and possibilities of my vision, enabling me to step into it and all its fullness. I have a website,, which is a tool to help me extend my reach to the audience for whom my services are uniquely designed. I have a dedicated space, a writing room, an environment set apart to help me study and pen the words needed for each book, influenced by my spirituality. Also, practicing mindfulness through a focus on my spirituality to take care of myself and remain optimistic about the future.

My strengths and strategies to overcome obstacles include my accountability partner to help me pay attention to what I am thinking and realize distractions, my garden to help me reset my mind in a place of peace, exercise to help me renew my energy and remain physically healthy, and having role models that help me remain rooted in the mindset necessary to reach my goals. I intend to fervently carry a growth mindset, as well as refocusing, and using physical activity to help me stay ambitious about my strategic intentions.

The resources that will aid in supporting my vision of a more successful self are my support system, workout websites to help support my physical health, inspirational readings that help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, all which help me to be mindful and optimistic about the future.”

The intention is to read this wellness vision every day, to keep it at the forefront of my mind. To pour energy into things that matter and keep moving forward with an intentional mindset.

Take a moment to look out over your landscape and allow yourself to see your vision.

  1. What is the vision for your most successful self?

  2. What resources do you have in place?

  3. What will help you to maintain a growth mindset?

Thank you to Raishawn Moorhead of Caring Hearts Healthy Living.