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Self-publishing has been an enjoyable adventure. Lately, I have experienced quite a few questions about my self-publishing process. Even more so, inquiries about how I prepare to write. So far, I have published four books and the fifth one is almost complete. However, what steps did I take to achieve these outcomes? What motivates me to write?

To answer those questions, let us focus on the current book I am producing. It is called Under the Juniper Tree: Journeying Into the Wilderness. I currently have this book available for pre-order on Amazon, and I am placing the finishing touches to the content. However, the idea that influenced me to write this book was to provide information from the Bible about the human experiences of a low mood, carrying heavy burdens, and having an immense sense of sadness and loneliness. I wanted to study the Bible to learn more about what leads people into these types of human experiences. Then, my intention was to put it into words and share it with others through a book. This was my underlying motivation.

This was my underlying motivation.

What steps am I taking to build this book? A first step is thinking about the end goal for the book. In other words, what do I want the readers to take away? That needs to be decided from the very beginning, and is called your "vision." Vision gives you direction. Once you have a vision, you can work backwards, create the plan, and organize the steps that will lead you to accomplishing that vision.

Another step is studying my resources. My primary resource is the Bible where I locate scriptures that are relevant to the topic. I seek out a story that is strongly connected to my focus. In writing Under the Juniper Tree: Journeying Into the Wilderness, I came across the story of Elijah the prophet in the book of 1 Kings, and this became the basis of the book.

Those are a couple tips that have worked for me during my writing adventure. For more insight about my process, I have created videos on my YouTube channel, Dr. Veronica Hardy.

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