Course Number and Title - VHC 1000: Grief and Loss from a Contemporary Perspective (virtual course)

During these contemporary times, there is a call for human service providers, mental health professionals, life coaches, and spiritual leaders to develop a system of preparedness in response to the immeasurable losses resulting from multiple pandemics (e.g., Covid-19, systemic racism) and the daily human experience. As a result, this course has been created to support leaders in re-envisioning grief as a normal and adaptive response to loss rather than from a deficiency perspective (e.g., letting go, closure). This course consists of four learning sessions. Each learning session consists of 2-hours of virtual learning content and meets weekly. Course activity handouts are provided between weekly sessions. This course is 8 total learning hours. Certificates of Attendance available, by request, after completion (separate fee). Consider completing the full course or select specific sessions (the A la Carte option).


Full Course Fee (8 hours) - $160.00 (or see A la Carte option below - $45 per learning session)

Certificate of Attendance - $25.00

Level of Learning – Beginner

Focus Audience – Human Service Providers, Mental Health Professionals, Spiritual Leaders, Life Coaches

Course Delivery – Zoom (Virtual)

Course Instructor - Dr. Veronica L. Hardy


Course Size – Size is kept reasonable to promote and encourage a safe, nurturing environment for interpersonal expression and learning.

Learning Sessions and Objectives:

Session 1: Introduction to Grief and Loss (2-hours, virtual via Zoom)

  1. To define the concept of grief, multiple forms, and diverse symptoms.

  2. To define and discuss the various experiences of loss.

  3. To identify personal and environmental factors that affect the grieving process.


Session 2: Traditional versus Contemporary Perspectives on Grief (2-hours, virtual via Zoom)

  1. To discuss historical, deficiency-based perspectives of grief.

  2. To identify contemporary grief perspectives with emphasis on adaptation, meaning making, and the role of spirituality.


Session 3: Grief Intervention Principles and Techniques (2-hours, virtual via Zoom)

  1. To identify and apply intervention principles to the experience of grief.

  2. To discuss multiple techniques with determined use based upon the uniqueness of the individual.

  3. To facilitate interventions and techniques from a strengths-based, empowerment perspective.


Session 4: Self-Care for Mental Health Professionals and Spiritual Leaders (2-hours, virtual via Zoom)

  1. To define self-care, barriers to self-care, and the impact of inadequate self-care.

  2. To identify common types of losses experienced by mental health professionals and spiritual leaders.

  3. To discuss the role of personal and professional loss experiences upon the professional self.

  4. To identify grief processing techniques for individuals and communal methods within work and faith-based settings.


A la Carte

Are there only certain learning sessions you would like to complete? How about A la Carte? Feel welcome to only select the learning sessions you would like to attend by selecting that specific ticket choice(s). A Certificate of Attendance is also available per session (fee per certificate). Enjoy the A la Carte option!

Author of "The Process of Grief: The Underrated Form of Self-Care" available on Amazon.

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