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OPTIMISE Your Finances

Financial overwhelm contributes to varying levels of stress and anxiety, symptoms of burnout, and even high turnover rates in the workplace. Financial wellness is a key component of self-care and wellbeing. The basic needs of social workers include developing a healthy relationship with finances and developing financial management skills. As a result, the objectives of this group include discussing student loans and their long-term impact, identifying loan forgiveness options, building skills for basic financial planning, and more. 


The group facilitator, Dr. Veronica Hardy, LCSW, is a Professor of Social Work, social work mentor, and author. Through productive financial management skills, Dr. Hardy is experiencing a debt-free lifestyle. As a result, part of her social work mentorship is coordinating information to support social work students and fellow social workers in enhancing their relationship with finances. Let us begin! To join the group, click below.

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