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Mindful Meditations for Social Workers

Hello, and welcome to Mindful Meditations for Social Workers. Part of wellness is being still and giving attention to what resides in your heart. Through methods, such as meditation, we are able to pause and gain a deeper understanding of self. Stay tuned to the YouTube Channel for the newest meditations.

"An extraordinary guide, Veronica Hardy takes us on a journey to the sanctuary of ourselves. Beautifully spoken, each moment filled with calm. Thank you for this gift. These sacred words came through me this morning and now exquisitely shared through your heart and soul!" ~ Mitch Davidowitz, MSW, LICSW

"I love this!" ~ Fellow Social Worker on Facebook

"Thank you Dr. Veronica, this is very helpful 😊" ~ Fellow Social Worker on LinkedIn

"Good morning Dr. Hardy, I found you quite by accident this morning and participated in your five minute meditation for social workers. I am an LCSW here in Los Angeles and thank you for your five minutes dedicated to us, specifically as mental health practitioners. This was the loveliest way to begin my day!" ~ Fellow Social Worker on LinkedIn

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