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Learning Institute

Established 2021

The heart of the prudent acquires knowledge, And the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

Over the years, I have enjoyed interviewing my parents, grandparents, and other beautiful family members, and having conversations about their life experiences. I now have so many written and video journals that hold their invaluable words or the sounds of their voices sharing their stories. I have been blessed with cassette tapes of my grandfather's sermons. Not to mention, lineage information, photographs, and other documents that share insights about my family's collective stories. Stories of migration, stories of military service, stories of "being the only ones" - oppression, stories of survival, spirituality, self-sufficiency as farmers, and climbing higher.

My grandfather often shared little pearls of wisdom from his learning, and one quote he shared with my mother was, "Knowledge is like a double barrel shotgun, powerful!" As a way to show honor for the legacy of learning my family has provided me, I have developed the Nelson-Hardy Learning Institute. This Institute is not about formal education (the classroom and textbooks), but something I have found to be powerful, enduring, and a strong foundation - life wellness education. The Nelson-Hardy Learning Institute is simply a way for me to express what I have learned in a way that I hope can be beneficial to you. Whether the focus is mental wellness, resilience literacy, confronting self-doubt, or building skills to navigate the career world, you will find many forms of information sharing including workbooks, microlearning online courses all with content that I hope is helpful in moving you toward your vision.

The current course is, How to Become Un-Tangled from Unhealthy Thoughts. This free, micro self-paced online course is designed to provide simple strategies for personal growth. How to Become Un-Tangled from Unhealthy Thoughts, introduces students to a basic 4-Week Mental Fitness Plan, a creative way to challenge some of those "pesky," thought habits that may affect us on a daily basis. Where can you locate this course? It is available at:

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