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My career: I have served as a Professor of Social Work (tenured) at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke for 13 years, as well as on faculty at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA; Colorado State University Pueblo, Colorado Christian University, and Simmons University. For years I have been committed to advocating for diversity equity, confronting child sex trafficking, race-based trauma, and workplace violence, and more recently, promoting financial wellness. I am an award-winning educator, author, host of the podcast, There is Power in Your Story, developer of a Facebook group for social workers, The Social Work Lounge,  and have been a content creator for Vision. Intention. Strategy. Your Social Work Mentor and What About Social Justice? featured article columns and YouTube series with The New Social Worker Magazine. I am currently a part-time social work and counselor educator, social work education program accreditation consultant, keynote speaker, and writer.

My writings: Becoming Un-Tangled: Eight Simple Strategies for Cleaning Up Your Life, Mind, and Habits; Becoming Un-Tangled: Pray with Intention, The Process of Grief: The Underrated Form of Self-Care, Let's Talk About Finances, and my latest publication, The Counselor's Toolkit.

My perspective: I believe my purpose is to promote wellness in the lives of others, including financial wellness. I thrive by the Bible verse, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, Hebrews 11:1. This encourages me to create impact through writing, public speaking, and education. I also enjoy gardening, taking walks, and not allowing “busyness” to overshadow the value of life.

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"Hi Dr. Hardy ... I just wanted to reach back out to you and thank you again for the letter of recommendation. I was accepted into the program and will begin full time studies in June of 2022. I appreciate you for the amazing impact you have had on my social work experience and look forward to continuing my education on the doctoral level." Social Worker, Entrepreneur, New Doctoral Student!

"I hope you’ll never forget the impact you’ve had on me during a hospital visit. I was very sick but I heard you loud and clear. Two years later and I’ve changed my entire industry. You, my friend, are an influencer for the Lord and His works." ~ Financial Professional

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