Imagine what would be possible if you navigated your life with intention and felt empowered to be uniquely you.  ~ Veronica

Hi, I'm Veronica! Your consultant for enhancing your life's resume! Through consulting services, I provide a sense of support and accountability to help you organize your thoughts, declutter your mind, establish a vision, and plan intentional steps to move you forward.

Throughout life, you may have reached many "pivot" points where you made big decisions. At times, you may have hoped for someone to come alongside you and provide support to help you organize your plans. Part of enhancing your life's resume is transitioning into a space that is ideal for nurturing your intentions and your vision. Creating space that will help to nurture the unique you. My hopes are that my consultation services will provide that nurturing space.

Looking forward to working with you,


Helping you go from intention to action!

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Becoming Un-Tangled: Eight Simple Strategies for Cleaning Up Your Life, Mind, and Habits, a book about transitioning from where you are to where you want to be.

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I've been honored to interview these guests during the Becoming Un-Tangled Virtual Video Series.